New York Bankruptcy Attorneys

Many people find themselves on the brink of bankruptcy, wondering how they got here. Financial troubles like this always seem like they should be for other people. Bankruptcy can happen to anyone, though.

Filing For Bankruptcy With A Long New York

At Ackerman Fox, LLP, of East Meadow, New York, we represent individuals and companies from a wide range of backgrounds, professions and family situations. Our representation is tailored to the exact needs of the individual, ensuring that each client is being provided the solutions that will best resolve the current financial concerns. This customized approach to the bankruptcy process lays the framework for a fresh start and a strong financial future following the bankruptcy.

We provide representation in:

Whether you find yourself facing bankruptcy from imprudent use of debt and credit cards, predatory lending, medical bills or simply unfortunate timing of difficult circumstances, we can help. We will closely evaluate your situation and inform you of every option available to you. Our attorneys will help you understand the long-term implications of each choice and how it will affect your specific situation.

The bankruptcy process can be complicated, particularly if it involves other issues, such as divorce or the family business. Our firm is capable of facilitating any bankruptcy, no matter how complex.

Creditor Representation

Ackerman Fox, LLP also represents the interests of creditors through the bankruptcy process. We assist in the many disputes that can arise through these proceedings and work toward solutions with our clients.

We are always highly successful in litigation, should the matter go to court.

To arrange an initial consultation, please contact a New York bankruptcy attorney at our law firm today at 516-493-9920.